“Thank you for visiting my coaching page. I am honored that you have considered me to help you discover the Masterpiece that lies within you.”Chrisnatha, Masterpiece Maven



  • One-on-one coaching available
  • Monthly Group calls
  • Strategic planning & brainstorming
  • Personal Growth Action Plan


Coaching Tools:

Coaching can be done virtually! Chrisnatha uses tools such as: Skype, Google Hangout, phone conference and even in-person (if you are in the South Florida area).


To book an appointment, follow these steps:

  • Click on the icon below!
  • Select date/time and include name, email address
  • Once appointment is set, please keep record of your appointment time and date
  • To reschedule, please advise via email/phone 4 hours before appointment time


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“Since I’ve started the coaching program, I have become more and more aware of my goals. I understand that I am part of a sisterhood. We are all striving to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. I have been more positive even through life’s ups and downs.”

-Martine Jean Pierre


Chris, it has been a great pleasure working with you. You have given me hope when I wanted to give up. I thought I could not go far in my life. You have helped me believe that with God I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. You help me to be more open to others and experience new things in life. I thank God for allowing me to reach out to you during my most difficult times. You help me to see things on a whole nutha level! Now instead of complaining, I get on my knees and grab my Bible when times are hard. You have given me the confidence I need to keep my eyes on God. Thank you!”

-Whitney Louis


“Working with Chrisnatha has been a breath of fresh air. She is absolutely a wonderful woman of God. She keeps it real at all times. She supports and believes in all my aspirations and goals in life. Having Chrisnatha as my life coach has changed my life for the better. The I am a Masterpiece sisterhood is full of positivity and support. Overall, my life coaching experience with Chrisnatha has been wonderful, fulfilling, and a learning experience. Love her to pieces!”

-Donya Manning