What is in your C.O.R.E?

What is on the inside of you?

We all have had a small piece of Heaven deposited on the inside of us. What will you do with your deposit?


It is imperative that we get the C.O.R.E. of who we are. Below I have included an acronym.


C=Confront your past

O=Operate in your strengths

R=Remove the Junk!

E=Examine your Heart


Confront your Past

We cannot change our past. It happened. The great thing is that we do not have to be a prisoner to our past. It is time to confront everything-good, bad and the ugly. Accept what took place, learn the lesson and make a decision to move forward. If you are not careful, you can get stuck. Look at your past in the face and repeat after me:

“I will learn from you.”

“You cannot define who I am or where I am heading.”

“I am destined for greatness despite what happened.”


Operate in your strengths

I remember spending so much time focusing on what was wrong with me. I picked myself apart. My hair. My skin. My weight. I complained about all the things that I was not great at doing such as: drawing, being adventurous, etc. But once I focused on what I was great at doing-everything fell into place. I LOVE people and I love to write. Today I am an author and motivational speaker. All because I focused on my strengths and chose to operate from that place.

1. What are your strengths?

2. How can you strengthen them and begin living from that place today?


Remove the Junk!

Listen up…we have to deal with our baggage. Specifically our ‘Invisible Baggage.’ The baggage that no one sees. It is weighing you down. You were not creating to carry around all the junk from your past. LET. IT. GO. It is serving as a distraction and keeping you from your BEST self.


Examine your Heart

Always ask yourself WHY. Why do you do the things you do? Why do you say the things you say? I encourage you to be intentional about your life. Be intentional about your actions. Be intentional about your decisions. Did you know that you can do the right thing for the wrong reason? It is better to not take action at all if it is not with a pure intent.



In everything that you do be sure to operate from your C.O.R.E. It is in this place that you are effective, resourceful and living in a place of authenticity.


Until next time,


I am a Masterpiece and so are you!