Who We Are
I am a Masterpiece is a movement designed to help other women discover the Masterpiece within. We want women everywhere to love themselves and accept who God created them to be.


What We Do
Our goal is to empower, educate and inspire other women to discover the Masterpiece within through speaking engagements, workshops and enrichment programs.

We empower young ladies and women by affirming that they are beautiful. They are God’s Masterpiece.

We educate young ladies and women about who God is and that we are God’s original masterpiece.

We inspire young ladies and women by sharing the love of Christ with them, our testimony of victory and empowering them to understand that they can also overcome.


Chrisnatha Derosier is an author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. She is the founder of I am a Masterpiece (IAAM) movement.

As a survivor of an eating disorder, Chrisnatha once struggled with her self-image. Since then, she sees herself through the eyes of the King and helps other women to see themselves through God’s eyes. She overcame that struggle and vowed to always inspire and uplift other women to love themselves.